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Correlative Conjunctions Verb Agreement

Complete the following quick exercise to assess your mastery of correlated conjunctions. 3. Does the following sentence show a precise use of correlative conjunctions? When two predecessors are used with a correlative conjunction, the rules follow a similar pattern to that of the verbage rules. Singular precursors use singular pronouns, plural pronouns use plural pronouns, and when a singular and plural precursor are used, the pronoun is based on the second precursor or precursor closest to the pronoun. By using a negative verb (not joking), negative correlated conjunctions do not create/or conflict in the meaning of the sentence. You will find other exercises with conjunctions of correlations in our totally free practice on Correlative conjunction. This example is not parallel, because the first conjunction in the pair is followed by a verb, while the second conjunction is followed by a prepositional sentence. For specific standards that address correlated conjunctions, visit Common Core State Standards! The correlative conjunction pair in the sentence above is “both/and” because it brings together “Pizza” and “Hamburger.” In this sentence, pizza and hamburgers are the same. The correlative conjunctions combine two words, phrases or clauses. The correlated conjunctions, as has already been said, are mated conjunctions, which means that they do not come in individual words.

They come in the form of pairs of words: either… or I don`t want to… again; Both… And; not just… but also, and if… Or maybe. Here, the meaning of the sentence is much clearer. The positive verb pleases allows the correlative conjunctions to produce neither the desired meaning. He didn`t like the film and the book.

Words, phrases or clauses used with a correlation conjunction must be grammatically similar (parallelism). 1. Are correlative conjunctions used when two parts of a sentence are connected? In this article we will check what are the correlative conjunctions, the functions of the correlative conjunctions, and how they are actually used in a whole. 2. Should correlation conjunctions exist in pairs? Your last rule on the agreement between the subject and the verb is a little imprecise. This only applies to cortical conjunctions that use the `or` circuit breaker.

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