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Learning Agreement Erasmus Rub

Send a transcript of Records (ToR) scan in the form of a PDF file via email to the International Office: erasmus-dokumente@rub.deThe host school must issue you a certificate (Transcript of Records). I.d.R. is sent by mail or email. From time to time, you can also download it yourself via a database of your host university. In the Transcript, all courses actually taken at the host university are enrolled. Before you leave, please contact your contacts at the host university to find out what form the Transcript of Records is available to you. If the host school sends the ToR directly to the International Office, you are informed by email that you can retrieve the certificate. A scan remains in the International Office. Important note: in the Learning Agreement, you have contractually committed to acquire between 15 and 30 ECTS per semester abroad. For less than 15 ECTS points per semester, there is a notice that must be confirmed by the technical coordinator.

If the explanatory statement is not valid, the scholarship may be refunded (on a pro-rata basis). It is only in the case of justified difficulties that it can be an exception. Your interlocutors from the International Office answer questions about this. Send the number of ECTS transferred from your host institution to Ruhr-University Bochum by e-mail to the International Office: Your department at Ruhr-University Bochum can recognize the ECTS achieved abroad based on your Transcript of Records from the host institution. Please contact your ERASMUS departmental coordinator and/or your examination office. The payment of the second instalment of the ERASMUS grant is not linked to the transfer of your ECTS. Further information on study abroad credit transfer The apprenticeship agreement depends on obtaining the ERASMUS grant. Often, you already need this to enroll in the Gasthochschule.In this form you agree with your specialist coordinator at RUB and the host university the program of study that you will follow abroad. In order to complete the Learning Agreement and ensure the subsequent recognition of foreign study services at RUB, you must inquire about the offer of courses at the host university before your stay and discuss it with the appropriate technical coordinator. A scan with the signatures of all stakeholders (you, the ERASMUS specialist coordinator in rub and the technical coordinator at the host university) is your turn to send before the 15th. July (for stays beginning in the following winter semester) and December 15 (for stays beginning in the following summer semester) in the form of pdf to erasmus-dokumente@rub.deInformation on recognition of Study Services Email the number of ECTS recognized at the International Office: The Transcript of Records allows you to recognize the results of studies conducted abroad at the relevant faculty. To do this, please contact your specialized ERASMUS-in coordinator and/or your competent examination service.

The payment of the second ERASMUS scholarship rate is not related to the declaration of the approved ECTS. More information on recognition The Confirmation of Stay has to be issued by a contact person at your host university no earlier than five days before the end of your studies.

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