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2K Games Online Policies Agreements And Terms

We combine information collected on different services and show it publicly, including our services, in our games or in multiplayer gaming lobbies. For example, if you associate your game console account with us, we can display your in-game successes with your account name. protecting the security or integrity of our services and our business. B by protecting and preventing violations of our EEA and directives, including anti-fraud, piracy, fraud, manipulation, unauthorized transactions, claims and other commitments, and risk management; and when you participate in open communities such as online gaming sessions and social networking services, we automatically publish certain information, such as your username or your identification and gameplay statistics, within the game, on social networks, on our services or on special gaming sites. If you participate in tournaments or other online gaming events, we must publish your information in public. We also use automated means to monitor gameplay to ensure that you and others will use our services in accordance with applicable rules, including our C.C.A. and terms of use. If we discover that you have violated our terms of use or other applicable guidelines, this may result in your temporary or permanent exclusion from the Services. When you connect to us through third-party services such as console, mobile device, games and social networking platforms, the terms of use and privacy policy of this third-party provider govern your use of this service. We are not responsible for third-party services.

To unsubscribe, please click on the “Don`t sell my information” link on our web page (and available here) and follow the instructions on this page. To disable personalized online advertising in general, please read the opt-out options that have been identified in the Manage Account, Communications and Data section above. Some third-party services may also post information about your gaming activities on their websites to share with others. When you use these functions, the privacy policies and conditions of these third-party services govern your actions on these sites and the information collected by those services. This privacy policy does not apply to personal data collected by candidates. Please respect our candidates` privacy policy: it is always the fact that 2K – and so many other publishers with so many other games – have extensive and illi-lectible EULS and privacy policies, which claim rights far beyond. They often claim permission to share data with distributors, businesses, governments and other third parties, data that may contain things like your address, photo and phone number. Even if publishers don`t use it for terrible purposes, they say they have the right to do so – and shouldn`t be at all surprised that people find it annoying. The third-party platform you use to access services, or the online retailer, regulates in-game transactions. We can process take-two transactions online directly or through our official online retailer. These transactions are subject to both take-two`s and the third-party platform or the privacy policy and terms of use of the online store (if any).

You will find more information about third-party policies in the terms of use and privacy policies of the third-party provider. You give us information directly, z.B. if you set up an account with us. We also collect information about you and your activities when you use our services, whether through game consoles, computers, mobile devices, ingame applications, software platforms, social networks or third-party games. We can use online tracking, such as cookies and similar technologies, to collect information when you share in-game content with friends or if you connect to our services, and we collect information from third parties (z.B advertising networks and external business partners)

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