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Dominion Energy Power Purchase Agreement

State energy efficiency deficiencies are now being monitored The Committee rejected Edwards`SB 917 (with minor corrections to the Agricultural Network Meter Act), Edwards`SB 918 (extending the authorized use of third-party licensing contracts) and Wextons SB 1208 (a larger community solar bill). According to common general meeting practice, SB 1208 was “rolled” into SB 1393, which is simply a polite way to remove an invoice. Similarly, SB 917 was rolled in SB 1394, although the two are only vaguely related. A better PPP bill is Toscano HB 1800, which states that non-residential and agricultural customers have the right to enter into contracts with others to own and operate renewable energy facilities on the customer`s site. Although an auditor recently agreed with the solar industry and environmentalists that this right already existed in the Virginia Code, utility companies blocked PPAs on the spot. Toscano`s bill would put an end to this harassment while abandoning PPAs for individuals. (The concession sounds bad, but it is not; Private customers can use leases to achieve the same result as PPAs.) The problem is that this program is proposed as a replacement for a completely different program, one that allows farms to allocate the power of a single solar or wind plant to all the different meters on the farm, in accordance with the net measurement regulations. This is a valuable option for farmers who want to meet their electricity needs with renewable energy. Removing this option is a step backwards for vineyards, breweries, organic farms and any other farmer for whom solar energy is an important part of their brand and marketing. (Note that this bill applies to both wind and solar energy; a small farmer would probably have only one wind turbine to serve the entire farm. You can`t build all the buildings with an electric meter with a small wind turbine.) SB 990 (Dance) is asking the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy to monitor and report on the progress made by the state in achieving its energy efficiency goals. Or in the case of Virginia, its lack of progress.

Dominion Energy (NYSE:D) is one of the country`s largest energy producers and carriers with a portfolio of approximately 26,200 megawatts of generation, 15,000 miles of natural gas transportation, collection and storage and 6,600 miles of power lines. Dominion Energy operates one of the largest natural gas storage systems in the country, with a storage capacity of 1 trillion cubic meters, and serves more than 6 million energy customers.

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