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Tenancy Agreement Punjab

Q: How is the tenant evicted under the Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009? A: a landlord may request the eviction of the tenant when the term of the tenancy has expired; Tenant failed to pay rent; Tenant has committed a breach of the tenancy agreement; The Tenant has used the premises for purposes that are used by the object for which it was rented and when premises are sublet without the landlord`s permission. How can a landlord register the lease if the tenant does not cooperate – even if the rental agreement stipulates that the tenant receives the contract Q: What is the type of rent? A: The tenant must pay or sub-contribute the rent to the landlord in mode and until the date indicated in the rental agreement, and if the date is not indicated, no later than the tenth day of the following month. Q: Do leases have to be certified? A: Yes, it has to be said. Q: What if the payment method is not mentioned in the rental agreement? A: If the payment method is not mentioned in the rental agreement, the tenant pays the rent to the landlord by depositing in cash, in order of payment or in the landlord`s bank account. Desire to know The landlord had a verbal rent. In the meantime, the owner divorced his wife. The tenants didn`t care about paying the rent. The owner filed an eviction application. It was there that he submitted LTC, saying that the owner was not the owner without attaching another person`s document. After one month of LTC, he entered into an unregured lease for two years and receipts. Both are not according to the Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009. The judge authorized LTC on the basis of this rental file and receipts. The rental folder is also drawn on the dated fake stamps.

What`s going to happen? Can I present my ownership documents as evidence or challenge the lease? (b) any other issue, with the exception of the inclusion of agreements within the meaning of Section 4, paragraph 4, of that Act, arising from the provisions of this Act; and sir, if there is an agreement between the owner of the building and the other person, if there is an agreement, it is registered on stamp paper, but not at the registerar rental. In such a situation, who will benefit and suffer. Does such an agreement apply to the contractor to use it in court if the owner teases him? Q: The Punjab Pensiond Premises Act, 2009 also applies in the cantonal domains? A: This law is not applicable in the cantons, the canton in terms of rents is Cantonment Rent Restriction Act, 1963. l) “CWS” means a shop-cum-flat, but the store and the accommodation are treated as two separate premises, i.e.:

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