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Account Pledge Agreement Deutsch

a sum of money, not a constant amount, deposited with a dealer to protect a securities account against adverse price changes in those securities. An invoice to be consigned is a contract when an account is offered as collateral, i.e. a personal property guarantee as security for a debt/loan. “Deposit contract”? Or something in that sense. The following security documents, duly executed by the parties: TCTerms is here to find answers to questions. Each entry must be linked solely to this purpose. Anything that is not for this purpose is erased. If a message contains the judgment of one of his peers, criticism or defense of the competence of these peers, valuable remarks, this message is deleted. If there is this judgment inside the body of a communication, that part is removed. The rebuttal of a response should be based only on the response or its resources. (C) Transfer of security of intellectual property rights It is Jacez, but I do not know if the term is correct (standard in such cases). Could someone help me with this term? Unfortunately, I have not provided more context than what is shown below. Thank you!! Search results: 120.

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