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Examples Of Executive Agreements

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is based on executive agreements. The term “executive agreement,” which is not widely used outside the United States, but has its foreign equivalent, is understood by the State Department as generally referring to any international agreement that comes into force with respect to the United States without the Council and Senate approval, which are constitutionally necessary for treaties. In particular, it concerns three types of agreements: those concluded on the basis of or in conformity with an existing contract; those that are subject to approval or implementation by Congress (“agreements between Congress and the Executive”); and those concluded within and in accordance with the constitutional powers of the President (“Single Executive Agreements”). None of these executive agreements is subject to the formal contractual process set out in Article II, Section 2, paragraph 2, of the Constitution. Only executive agreements are international agreements concluded by the president without reference to treaties or legal powers, that is, solely on the basis of the president`s constitutional powers as executive chief and commander-in-chief, responsible for the foreign relations and military affairs of the United States. Foreign Ministry records show that only a small percentage of executive agreements are of this type and that the vast majority have focused on routine diplomatic and military matters. As a result, with relatively small exceptions (e.g.B.

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