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The Best Relationship Is When Yesterday`s Disagreement

This requires understanding that conflicts will inevitably occur in a close relationship. The only way around it is to not share your opinion at all, which is not healthy. Instead of making every little mole hill a mountain, you agree not to make something a fight unless it`s really important. Recognize that not all disagreements need to be an argument. Of course, this doesn`t mean you`ll bow to someone else`s demands if it`s something that makes you feel strong, but take the time to question the level of importance of that issue. About six months after a serious relationship with my friend, we started to experience great conflicts. We argued over small things, we made misunderstandings, we just couldn`t go to the same side on anything. It made me think about relationship conflicts in general, what causes them, and how I should handle them. This doesn`t mean you should have low expectations, but it does mean you should keep in mind that you might have other expectations. The best way to clarify this point is to ask what are the expectations of another in a scenario.

Here too, do not automatically assume that you will find yourself in the situation with the same expectations. It is clear that relationship conflicts occur because expectations are not met. Each person enters into a relationship with certain expectations. These are based on past experiences, childhood or how you think things should be. As soon as you`ve both had the opportunity to share your page, you agree to let it go. Conflicts can be worrying. If you see it as an opportunity for growth, it can help you get closer and deepen your relationship. Instead of seeing conflict as a threat to a relationship, what if we recreate that and see conflict as an opportunity and a sign of growth in a relationship? “You can`t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn When you`re in the middle of a conflict, try to remember that the other person finds themselves in the situation with a completely different context and experience than you. You weren`t in that person`s shoes, and while it may be helpful to get started, your partner is the only person who can really explain where they`re coming from. Personal attacks can be much more harmful and long-lasting.

Talk about the behavior that you off, rather than what is wrong with a person`s personality. As soon as you`ve shared your feelings about what a person`s actions meant to you, accept their answers. If they tell you that the intentional meaning of their action was not as you received it, take that as a face value. Most of the time, your partner isn`t intentionally trying to hurt you, and being hurt is a byproduct of that action…

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