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University Oaks Lease Agreement

University Oaks and Chisholm Hall are owned by Campus Living Villages (CLV), a private third-party company that is a separate corporation from UTSA. CLV is a tenant of UTSA under a special inheritance tax. Please note in particular that, in accordance with the current form of the lease agreement for University Oaks and Chisholm Hall, CLV is not required to release anyone from its rental terms if an academic semester is delayed, interrupted and/or delivered online in whole or in part. For the avoidant of doubt, please also note that UTSA assumes no responsibility or any other liability with respect to these CLV leases. University Oaks and Chisholm Hall operate under different contractual instruments and provide for leases different from those owned by UTSA and operated by UTSA. Potential residents and tenants of Oaks University and Chisholm Hall are therefore encouraged to carefully review and consider the specific obligations and other terms of the leases and other legal agreements they enter into under these facilities. Since UTSA is mostly made up of students from lower incomes, it`s unfair to charge a full tuition fee if the majority of classes won`t be personal. Many students are considering retiring in order to find safer and more affordable alternatives to higher education. Prior to this case, students who have signed housing rental agreements on campus, University Oaks & Chisholm Hall, should not break them. The only way out of a lease is for another student to take care of it – which is hard to find. It has become a safety issue now that we are essentially forced to settle on campus in the midst of a pandemic that threatens our health. Authorize the termination of UTSA leases!! Our sister school, the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University, allow cancellations and refunds for accommodation, food, parking, and unused services, UTSA is required to do the same.

If you have any questions about your lease at Chisholm Hall or University Oaks, please email University Oaks or Chisholm Hall. Discover local events nearby. Look at the activities and great places to eat and eat. Dean LT Robinson emphasizes education before punishment when it comes to covid safety violations, Oaks is located in the heart of Athens, next to restaurants and shops, as well as a short walk from the University of Georgia. The apartment community has two swimming pools, a pet park, a cabana terrace, a gym and several sports fields. University Oaks has a spacious studio, one, two and three bedrooms, ideal for roommates or families. Whether it`s a day of play or a day of study, you don`t need to travel far to enjoy the Athenian atmosphere! I love staying at Oaks University. It is a very clean and nice place to spend the night. I love the staff! They always help you when you come home for the first time! Very fast and very nice staff!-J.D.

Current Resident Make your home at University Oaks Student Village, the only pet residence on campus. Choose between our fully furnished studios and apartments with one, two and four bedrooms, with plenty of space to learn, relax and entertain. And with useful RAs and our unique living environment, we`re here to help you live, learn and grow. . Residents who have property in their apartment can pick it up at a later date until May 15 or send it to a permanent address. Diversity of clean, bright, unfurnished and efficiently furnished housing,1BR, 2BR and 4BR An express checkout process is offered to residents who still live on site. Students who are outside the location can complete a remote control process and are not charged specifically if they do not follow the default protocols, but they are still expected to return their keys.. .


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