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Viu Collective Agreement Viufa

The current collective agreement provides for layoffs “for reasons of demonstrable enrolment and in sharp decline over a long period of time and for demonstrable reasons for reductions in programs or benefits, including the non-viability of apprenticeship places.” According to to toni O`Keefe, a spokesman for the university, the negotiations failed because VIUFA wanted a “no Layoffs” clause in the collective agreement. “We can`t do that,” she said, citing the B government`s request. C that public universities freeze budgets. “You can`t negotiate costs.” The labour action was triggered because of the language of the collective agreement on dismissals, which the union called a “deal breaker”. VIUFA, McDonald says, wants the university to accept a clause that only provides for layoffs if the government is forced to proclaim a financial crisis. This would pretty much force the university to pursue a “no Layoffs” policy. Asked if the faculty`s bargaining team was willing to admit anything, McDonald`s replied, “Not at this point.” Patrick Barbosa, a spokesman for the University of Vancouver Island Students` Union, said that while VIUSU supports the Right of the Faculties Association to bargain collectively, the organization remains officially neutral. “We are not taking sides. We stand up for students,” he said. In order to ensure that the university budget is not increased, the administration`s bargaining position is to renew the collective agreement that expired last spring and extend it until 2012. Wages would be frozen for the duration of the contract.

“At this point,” McDonald said during a short break in collective bargaining on Thursday afternoon, “it`s a bit like a snowy day.” The president of the Vancouver Island University Faculty Association (VIUFA), whose members went on strike yesterday at 8:00 a.m., wants to reassure the more than 18,000 students whose classes are cancelled that it is “hopeful” that a solution will be found without compromising the semester. . . .

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