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Deutsche Post Reaches Collective Agreement with German Union Verdi

Deutsche Post Reaches Collective Agreement with German Union Verdi

Deutsche Post has recently come to a collective agreement with the German Union Verdi, ending a months-long dispute over wages and working conditions. This agreement, which was reached after several rounds of negotiations, is aimed at providing better working conditions for postal workers and improving the overall quality of postal services in Germany.

The deal includes a 2.1% pay increase for postal workers, retroactively effective from January 1st, 2021. Additionally, there is a one-time payment of €150 for employees who have worked for Deutsche Post for more than 12 months. The agreement also includes provisions for an additional 1.8% pay increase in 2022 and another 1.5% increase in 2023.

Moreover, the agreement provides for better working conditions, including measures aimed at improving employee safety and reducing workload. These measures include hiring additional staff, reducing the number of temporary workers, and providing more training opportunities for postal workers.

The agreement between Deutsche Post and Verdi is a significant achievement for both parties. It demonstrates a commitment to fair and equitable treatment for postal workers, which is essential for the smooth operation of the postal service. With better working conditions and increased pay, postal workers are more likely to be motivated and productive, which ultimately benefits the customers who rely on the postal service.

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In conclusion, the collective agreement between Deutsche Post and Verdi is a positive step forward for the postal industry in Germany. By providing better pay and working conditions for postal workers, the agreement is likely to have a positive impact on both employees and customers. Furthermore, by using relevant keywords, this news can be shared widely online, reaching a broader audience and increasing engagement with the postal industry.

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