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Why Did the Us Leave the Paris Climate Agreement

The Paris climate agreement was signed in 2015 as an international effort to combat climate change. However, in 2017, the United States pulled out of the agreement, sparking outcry from environmentalists and other countries involved. So, why did the US leave the Paris climate agreement?

The decision to leave the Paris climate agreement was made by then-President Donald Trump. Trump claimed that the agreement was unfair to American workers and businesses, and that it would harm the economy. He also argued that the agreement was based on political ideology, rather than scientific facts.

Critics, however, argue that leaving the agreement was a mistake. The US is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, and leaving the Paris climate agreement means that the country is not doing its part to combat climate change. Furthermore, the agreement is voluntary – countries are free to set their own targets for reducing greenhouse gases. Leaving the agreement doesn`t necessarily mean that the US is no longer committed to reducing emissions.

The decision to leave the Paris climate agreement also has consequences for US foreign relations. The US is now one of only three countries not involved in the agreement (the others being Iran and Turkey). This means that the US is not a part of the international conversation on climate change – something that could have long-term consequences for the country.

While the US government may have left the Paris climate agreement, many American businesses and individuals remain committed to reducing emissions and combating climate change. In fact, many cities and states have set their own emissions targets, and some businesses have pledged to reduce their carbon footprint.

In conclusion, the decision to leave the Paris climate agreement was a controversial move by the US government. While some argue that the agreement was unfair and based on ideology, others argue that leaving the agreement was a mistake that could harm both the environment and US foreign relations. Regardless of the decision made by the government, it`s important for individuals and businesses to continue making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and combat climate change.

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