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Your Guerrilla Marketing Arsenal: An Introduction

Ever since I read an article in Entrepreneur Magazine’s February 2008 issue titled, “Here’s The Plan,” I have wanted to turn its basic concept into a quick format blog, exploring the hundreds of ideas that were listed with no explanation behind them. The concept of the article was simple: to encourage small business owners to plan for the future of their business without spending a ton of time or money in the process. The long, laundry list of marketing “ideas” was obviously meant to inspire thinking outside of the article, and I’ve always thought it would provide an excellent skeleton for a blog, assuming I would ever find time to write one.

Being a small business owner like myself who is always looking to find growth in new areas, the article has provided me with a lot of inspiration and I’m excited about the prospect of sharing that with you.

I’m a huge fan of guerrilla marketing, which at its simplistic definition is creative marketing. It’s viral, word-of-mouth, covert and a starter of conversation. It’s embracing social media, tweaking proven marketing concepts, using new media techniques and thinking outside the box. It’s finding ways to spend next to nothing, while raking in the biggest reward. What small business owner wouldn’t want to dive in?

So that’s what we’re going to do. Dive in.

Like you, my days are not filled with sipping lemonade under the sun, while my employed minions do all of my work for me. I don’t have hours to sit and write award winning, frame worthy pieces that will change your world. But I do have a few minutes to simply chat about ideas that have worked for me, and even a few that I haven’t tried out myself.

I’ve been lucky to build KMWeb Designs to over 200 launched sites in nine years and have built up a niche site in to over 15,000 registered members and 120,000 visitors a month. I’ve done both while spending next to nothing in traditional media. And while I will never claim to know it all in this ongoing world of online marketing, I do feel a have something to say. Hopefully, you’ll agree.

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